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Just like last year, I talk with Claire from The Defenders Podcast about the Daredevil season 2 trailer. And, we'll be back next week for part two!

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See images from the trailer in the companion post for this episode at The Other Murdock Papers.

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A full hour about the Netflix Daredevil series.

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This time around, I'm back to flying solo. I cover the topics of art versus writing in comics (apropos of a recent discussion about this), what kind of body Matt Murdock would have (yes, really), Matt's past legal partnerships and why Daredevil meeting aliens is kind of cool. In this podcast, I mention a post written by Antony Johnston, which you can find by clicking that beautiful link I just made for you. This episode is blissfully short, clocking in at around 31 minutes!

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I talk to Daredevil fan extraordinaire Alice "Darediva" Lynch about various things related to Daredevil fandom and much more!

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Okay! Here's my fifth podcast, which clocks in at about 38 minutes. The "colorist scandal" I mention briefly in this episode refers to an incident that well-known color artist Jordie Bellaire mentions on her Tumblr. Also, I should mention to my more sensitive listeners that I do a very unfortunate – though very brief – Gollum impersonation (yes, the LOTR character) that might disturb sensitive listerners. It sure disturbed the hell out of me. Pardon my French.

Things discussed in this post are Foggy (at length), Kirsten, Milla, and how I've become a more discerning purveyor of comic book art over the years. There's also brief mention of Matt's hair. Because... Well, do we really need a reason to talk about Matt's hair?

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I talk to Daredevil artist Chris Samnee about his work on the book. I had a great time talking to Chris. I hope you enjoy it too!

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I talk about End of Days, the Daredevil movie rights reverting to Marvel and Daredevil being part of Marvel NOW! The episode is just over 30 minutes long.

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This podcast is around 48 minutes and covers everything from Daredevil's many Eisner nominations, my views on digital comics, and what's been in the news to just how the heck Matt Murdock managed to do everything he's done over the last five issues in just ten days of Marvel time.

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This podcast is 33 minutes long and some of the topics I cover are random news (Chris Samnee joins the team!, sales figures etc), what’s going on in New Avengers, and when exactly Daredevil: Season One comes out. We also talk about the sneak peeks of Daredevil #12 and #14, what happened in DD land 1, 2, 3, and 4 years ago and I also briefly offer my thoughts on Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics. Finally, at the end, a look at the medical phenomenon of blind sight.

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